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    PCHRA Workforce Development Learning Series: AI and the Workforce: A Future of Collaboration

    Date: February 1, 2024, 8:00am – 9:30am
    Joint Event with ConxusNEO
    388 S Main St, Ste 205
    Akron, OH 44311

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    PCHRA Workforce Development Learning Series (Blended)
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    In partnership with the ConxusNEO, PCHRA invites you to join the ConsuxNEO February Member Meeting titled:

    "AI and the Workforce: A Future of Collaboration"

    ABOUT THE EVENT:  This is part of our PCHRA 2024 Workforce Development Learning Series. We are partnering with the ConxusNEO to provide business owners and HR  professionals information and support on programs and funding opportunities available in the manufacturing, healthcare and technology sectors.  

    For this event, participants can learn and earn 1 SHRM PDC.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTATION: In this presentation, we will explore the transformative role of AI in reshaping the landscape of work.  Our panelists will dive into how artificial intelligence (AI) is creating new job opportunities, enhancing workforce productivity, and revolutionizing career paths. Our speakers, experts from the technology, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors, will highlight how AI is not replacing, but rather enhancing human work, and the ways AI is streamlining hiring processes as well as creating new career paths.  

    Learning Outcomes from this session include:  

    • Understanding how AI is generating new job sectors | roles, and skills needed to thrive.  
    • Examining AI's impact on making hiring processes more efficient and equitable.  
    • Identifying emerging career opportunities and evolving skills required in an AI-integrated job market.  
    • Understanding how AI and human intelligence work together to improve productivity and innovation.  
    • How AI can help create more diverse and inclusive workplaces by mitigating unconscious biases in hiring and management. 

     ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: This will be a panel discussion featuring Tondi Allen, co-founder of Urban City Codes, Ted Troxell, Lead Data Scientist at Atomic Industries and Elbridge Locklear, SVP and Chief Information Officer at Summa Health.  The discussion will be moderated by Amy Neuman, Tech Partnerships and Social Impact at ConexusNEO.

    ABOUT THE ConxusNEO: Our role is to convene employers, educators, workforce programs, economic development, and community-based organizations to make that vision a sustainable reality.   Our work is based on the supply chain management model where workforce system strategies are innovated among partners to deliver the in-demand skills local companies need as the ultimate end-users in the supply chain.  As collaboration evolves, partners across the talent supply chain experience shared value.  Educators and workforce training programs are better able to align curriculum with in-demand skills, economic development efforts can benefit from more strategic workforce assets, and community-based organizations can leverage relationships and a variety of program partners to recruit and support residents in their job preparation efforts.

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