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How to Register or Cancel a Registration to a PCHRA Event

    Registering for an Event:

    All PCHRA events require registration.  To register for an event, please scroll the left side navigation bar to the event you wish to attend and select the link.  The registration form will appear in this window. 

    If you are registering for a non-PCHRA event, please return to the Meetings and Events page to access the event host ink and be redirected to the appropriate website. 

    Canceling Your Event Registration:

    Occasionally we make plans and life gets in the way.  If you have registered for an event and your schedule changes, you have the ability to cancel your registration prior to the registration close date.  To cancel a registration, please navigate to the Meetings and Events page and access the Event Registration Cancellation Form link at the top right of the navigation bar.  The cancelation form will appear in the Meetings and Events window.