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College Relations

    PCHRA's goal for our University Relations is to build a collaboratvie relationship with the students, advisors and officials from our partnering Colleges and Universities. In addition, we will provide educational resources geared towards the professional development students.

    Students who need support and resources to aid them in their professional careers, or advisors and officials interested in the development of students please feel free to contact the College Relations Director by email at

    Examples of resources provided:

    • Resume building workshops
    • Interviewing preparation
    • Professional speakers for your student chapter meetings or classes
    • Networking guidance
    • Internship opportunities

    Student Academic Scholarship Program

    The Portage County Human Resources Association chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (PCHRA) is currently accepting applications for PCHRA Scholarship Award.  The scholarship is open to all student chapter members.  The recipients for these awards will be announced at the PCHRA meeting in May. 


    To be eligible for a scholarship award, applicants must be active student members of The Kent State University Human Resource Association (KSU-HRA) chapter and National SHRM prior to the deadline (see attached application form).  In addition, an applicant must be: 

    • Pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree with an emphasis in the field of human resource management; 

    • Junior or higher student status; with at least one more semester of school left at time of award 

    • Demonstrating commitment to the student SHRM chapter; 

    • Demonstrating leadership ability through community service or charitable organizations. 


    One $1,000 merit scholarship will be awarded. 

    One $500 merit scholarship will be awarded.  

    Source of Funds: 

    These scholarships are made available through the generosity of the Portage County Human Resources Association chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (PCHRA)  


    PCHRA Advisory Board Committee members will review all applications and choose the award recipient.  The Board will consider the total achievements of each applicant. The committee recognizes that strength in one area could outweigh a deficiency in another. The committee’s decisions will be final.  Please note that eligibility to receive a PCHRA Scholarship Award is limited to once in a lifetime. 

    Award entries should include: 

    1. Completed scholarship application form (see attached on next page); 

    1. A resume of the applicant's education, employment history and volunteer activities (include references that the committee can contact); 

    1. A student copy of current transcripts (official copy not required). 

    Presentation of the Award: 

    The recipient of the scholarship will be notified of the award by June 15. 

    Application Submission: 

    Applications must be e-mailed to Hannah Sanchez, PCHRA Director of College Relations at:  no later than May 1st.  Questions about the scholarship and application process can be answered until this date by Hannah Sanchez at the same email address. 

    To learn more about PCHRA, go to: