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PCHRA Elections

    Annually, per our by-laws, PCHRA is to hold elections.  This year, after a five (5) year lapse, we are reinstituting the elections process.

    This year we are seeking candidates for several open positions some of which will have terms expire at the end of this calendar year and others we have filled.  Next week on September 26th we will open the nomination process for the following positions on the Executive Board of PCHRA:   

                   Vice President / President Elect                         Treasurer

    In addition, several openings for Directors exist, some of which have never filled, including:

                   Programming                                                     Communications

                   Hospitality                                                          College Relations

                   Workforce Readiness                                        Diversity and Inclusion.   

    Embedded below are descriptions of each of the open positions.  Please review the positions and consider volunteering or nominating someone for a volunteer role.