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    PCHRA Workforce Development Learning Series: Work/Life Balance - Learning How to Unplug to Relieve Stress and Enjoy Your Vacation

    Date: July 10, 2024, 9:00am – 10:30am
    Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities
    2606 Brady Lake Rd.,
    Ravenna, OH 44266

    This will also be offered as a remote option particularly for our Summit County partners!
    Event Type:
    PCHRA Workforce Development Learning Series (Blended)
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    In partnership with the ConxusNEO, PCHRA invites you to join the ConsuxNEO March Member Meeting titled:

    "Work/Life Balance: Learning How to Unplug to Relieve Stress and Enjoy Your Vacation"

    ABOUT THE EVENT:  This is part of our PCHRA 2024 Workforce Development Learning Series. We are partnering with the ConxusNEO to provide business owners and HR  professionals information and support on programs and funding opportunities available in the manufacturing, healthcare and technology sectors.  

    For this event, participants can learn and earn 1 SHRM PDC.

    ABOUT THE PRESENTATION: This topic focuses on the importance of achieving a healthy balance between your professional responsibilities and personal life. We will explore the concept of "unplugging" from work-related stressors to fully relax and enjoy leisure time, particularly during vacations. The speaker will delve into strategies for managing stress, disconnecting from work-related activities, and maximizing the benefits of time away from the workplace for overall well-being and enjoyment.


    • Sharing individual experiences and insights about the challenges of maintaining work-life balance.
    • Exploring the detrimental effects of chronic work-related stress on physical and mental health.
    • Discussing the importance of setting boundaries between work and personal life to prevent burnout.
    • Sharing practical tips and strategies for disconnecting from work during vacations to fully recharge and relax.

     ABOUT THE SPEAKERS:  Michele Maas, President of Another Act of Kindness.  Michele received a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology and a Master’s of Art in Counseling and Human Development, both from Walsh University. Michele has worked as a Professional Licensed Clinical Counselor-Supervisor (LPCC-S) in the community for over 25 years. 

    She currently provides supervision to counselor trainees before they are independently licensed. She began her career as one of the original members of the Alliance Care Team as a school/community based therapist working with at-risk students at Alliance Middle School for 10 years.  She then worked as a therapist and supervisor in the Akron Public School System at North High School for 10 years. In 2017, she began working in private practice at North Canton Therapy Works. She then went on to open her own private practice, Maas Mental Health and Wellness, in January of 2023, where she continues to provide counseling to individuals, couples and families.

    In addition to that, she has been an adjunct professor at Malone University teaching psychology courses, and currently provides professional development to school systems and hospitals. Michele is also a co-host of a podcast called, Well-Yes! which highlights female business owners and women who have overcome incredible obstacles in their lives. Michele has been on several boards in the past and finds joy in giving to others, showing compassion and supporting those in need.  She is currently part of the Aultman Women’s Board. Michele enjoys traveling with her husband of 34 years.  She also enjoys spending family time with their son, daughter and their son-in-law. Michele loves anything outdoors from hiking to boating and always feels relaxed in nature.

      ABOUT THE ConxusNEO: Our role is to convene employers, educators, workforce programs, economic development, and community-based organizations to make that vision a sustainable reality.   Our work is based on the supply chain management model where workforce system strategies are innovated among partners to deliver the in-demand skills local companies need as the ultimate end-users in the supply chain.  As collaboration evolves, partners across the talent supply chain experience shared value.  Educators and workforce training programs are better able to align curriculum with in-demand skills, economic development efforts can benefit from more strategic workforce assets, and community-based organizations can leverage relationships and a variety of program partners to recruit and support residents in their job preparation efforts.

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